Motivate your website's content creators with real cash.

Doesn't it suck when user-generated content is low quality, losing you engagement, signups, and revenue? With Verity, we'll give you a simple voting widget that allows you to reward your best content creators with real money. The best part? Utilizing the new power of cryptocurrency (that Bitcoin thing), the money won't be coming from your pocket.

Simple voting widgets that motivate your users with real money

How much higher quality would your content be if users could check back every day and see how much real money they were getting? How much more data would you have if the people voting on content knew that every vote counted as real payment? Do you like reading hypothetical questions on websites?

That's what Verity will do for you! No, not the hypothetical questions part. We will give you a fancy embeddable voting widget (ooh) that ties to a real life cryptocurrency (ahh) to increase content quality, user retention, and revenue for your website.

Secure reputation that is robust to attacks and gaming

Verity provides blockchain-based reputation tools that counter issues like fake news, fake accounts, and collusion. Our algorithms are designed to provide accurate reputation measures that resist gaming and attacks, using the latest research as well as proprietary techniques.

How It Works
We know this sounds too good to be true (sorta like winning a free puppy that you don't have to clean up after). So let's give a quick overview of how it works, and what makes Verity different from any other reputation system you've seen.
The Verity Token
Verity's unique community collaboration economy starts when a website integrates the Verity reputation and user incentive system. In order to do so, the website first buys Verity Clear tokens and integrates the Verity API using our libraries and examples. By integrating Verity Clear tokens, users can now earn both reputation and Verity Clear when they create great content for the website.
Finally, these tokens can be sold to other users or websites to perform various actions in the system, completing the value loop and giving the token its' value.

Our Team

Matt Goldenberg

Matt grew up running small businesses. First as a professional magician, then as blogger, coach, and course creator at his business Self-Made Renegade. Verity was born out of his desire to have more impact. Matt loves Sriracha, and doesn't even care that that's cliche.

Doug King

Doug is an engineer who has been working on the problem of reputation for over 30 years. In that time, Doug has worked on mission critical systems for billion dollar power plants, point of sale systems for Nike, and everything in between. Before he was an engineer, Doug was a music producer for some of the largest names in rap... because he's a boss like that.