Increase Retention With Online Reputation That Works

Our gamified reputation metrics can be added to your online community, crowdsoucing website, or sharing economy website with only a few lines of code.

Credible Reputation

Use our plug-and-play reputation metrics to measure simple things like karma, or complex skills.

Flexible Permissions

Give permissions to your users as they earn reputation, allowing for moderation of content and gamification of features.

Powerful API

Our Reputation API allows you to swap different reputation metrics in and out at will.

Portable Metrics

Your reputation metric can incorporate data from other websites, providing your users with easy onboarding and raising your retention rate.

Reputation To Fit Your Needs

Verity eschews a one size fits all approach. Instead, we find the unique reputation solution to fit the needs of your application.

Simple APIs

Our Reputation APIs  are crafted to be powerful and easy to use.  All APIs are REST compliant, and our engineers are available for email support during business hours.