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Bringing trust to the internet via collaborative communities.

A global network of the world's top experts

Verity helps communities identify, reward, and motivate their most valuable users, allowing expert wisdom to govern group decisions and actions.


  • Web sites gain faster time to market and access to tools and networks

  • API integrates with standalone web communities and future on-or-off blockchain platforms

  • Plug-and-play API allows for rapid experimentation on reputation metrics.

  • Automatically reward and celebrate your best contributors

  • Proactive community tools to thwart toxic behaviors before they happen

  • Share reputation between apps for easy onboarding and retention.


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  • Matt Goldenberg

    Founder and CEO

  • Doug King

    Co-founder and CTO

  • Eric Johnsohn

    Co-founder and CDO

  • Chris Liu


  • Drew Blount

    Mathematics and Development

  • Michael Hoard